Adviser Message

Aashree Investment is a very Important key company of Matribhumi Holding. Where we can search the possibilities of our small individual investment into national mega projects. Mainly the investment focus on manufacturing and trading of textile business in Nepal, we research several resources of natural fiber thread like bamboo, banana, pumpkin, ALLO, ladyfinger and marijuana as well. Such as promoting our natural honey and other herbal product in third country by Online sale, and promoting our tourism worldwide vie ecommerce is also the investment era of this company.

Matribhumi Holding have three companies among with Aashree Investment Pvt Ltd, one is Matribhumi Global Express Pvt ltd, manufacturing textile and trade it on DIRECT SELLING way on the e-commerce platform knowing as MGE BUSINESS HUB and next is MGE Delivery and Shipping Pvt Ltd for door to door delivery in all Nepal. So the investor can get huge return for this sortie planned Business opportunities.

We believe your small investment can change your vision of life, can change your thought on business and can change your living style as well even we all are facing some trouble by some scammers and some cheap cheater companies before, but the AASHREE guarantee your all investment live and on actuality, this is not Scam and game, It’s the literally “Mega Movement of socio-economic breakthrough”. 

Since 35 years’ experience of textile business in world market, we studied the textile is main business for nation built and if we manufacture fiber threads 50% of Nepal well cover by made in Nepal. Due to political issues we already loose our several thread factory and textile mill such as Hetauda Kapada Udhyog. So now we vision to promote all this opportunity via MATRIBHUMI GLOBAL EXPRESS PVT LTD, the large e commerce platform. So, we guarantee to all individual Investor for healthy business and happy life ahead.


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