About Us

At Aashree Investment, we are more than just a company; we are the architects of dreams, the pioneers of change, and the catalysts of transformation. Founded under the umbrella of Matribhumi Holding, Aashree Investment stands as a beacon of innovation, carving out a niche in the vast landscape of investment opportunities in Nepal.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple yet profound: we seek to empower individuals to invest in national mega projects, bridging the gap between small individual investments and monumental initiatives. With a primary focus on the manufacturing and trading of textile business in Nepal, we explore diverse natural fibers such as bamboo, banana, pumpkin, ALLO, ladyfinger, and even marijuana. We are not merely investors; we are explorers, unearthing the potential of unconventional resources and transforming them into viable, sustainable, and profitable ventures.

Our Endeavors

One of our key endeavors lies in promoting Nepal’s rich heritage globally. We achieve this by manufacturing and trading textile products, promoting natural honey, and herbal products. Through online sales, we showcase the splendor of Nepal to the world, creating a marketplace that transcends geographical boundaries. Our commitment to revolutionizing tourism via e-commerce is not just a business strategy; it’s our way of inviting the world to experience the beauty of Nepal.

Matribhumi Holding: Our Strength

Aashree Investment is an integral part of Matribhumi Holding, a conglomerate that thrives on innovation and ethical business practices. Within our family, we have Matribhumi Global Express Pvt Ltd, a company that manufactures textiles and operates on the cutting edge of e-commerce through MGE BUSINESS HUB. We also have MGE Delivery and Shipping Pvt Ltd, ensuring seamless door-to-door delivery services across Nepal. Together, we create a synergy that propels investors towards substantial returns in a meticulously planned business ecosystem.

Our Commitment to You

We understand the skepticism that often accompanies investment opportunities, given the unfortunate encounters with scammers and dishonest enterprises. Aashree Investment stands as a beacon of trust amidst this sea of uncertainties. We assure you that your investment with us is not just a financial decision; it’s an investment in your future, a promise of prosperity, and a ticket to a socio-economic breakthrough.

With a legacy spanning 35 years in the textile industry, we recognize the transformative power of business, especially in a nation’s development. By manufacturing fiber threads and promoting made-in-Nepal products, we are not just creating investments; we are crafting a future where 50% of Nepal is wrapped in the pride of ‘Made in Nepal’. We are committed to reviving lost opportunities, like the Hetauda Kapada Udhyog, and promoting them through MATRIBHUMI GLOBAL EXPRESS PVT LTD, a vast e-commerce platform.

Join the Movement

Aashree Investment invites you to be a part of this movement. Your small investment is not just a financial contribution; it’s a step towards changing your life, reshaping your perspective on business, and elevating your lifestyle. We don’t just promise; we guarantee a healthy business and a fulfilling life ahead. Trust us, not just as investors, but as partners in your journey towards success.

Thank you for considering Aashree Investment. Together, let’s pave the way for a future that’s not just prosperous but also impactful.

Invest in Your Future with Aashree Investment – Where Dreams Meet Investments!